About Dick Huey

It has taken me years of database research, half a million miles of driving, countless hours in beautiful homes with a Nikon, hours of walking around private lakes, a library of resources, a network of friends and other professionals, training at national classes and seminars, and the experience that comes from 50 years of real estate brokerage, all to be prepared to find you the best waterfront. I still learn something new every day and I work daylight hours, seven days a week. My expertise is valuable when you buy or sell waterfront land. 

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If you know what you want or are willing to spend the time to find it and learn the market, then finding the right home or land on which to build is not so hard. It’s what I do. It helps to be a native and to have grown up loving the land, lakes, and streams of northern Michigan. To keep up on what is available I use search services such as Zillow, the MLS, and realtor.com. I have access to everything that is listed by brokers, and to some that is not. Fine lake frontage is abundant in northern Michigan.

If what you want is rare and unique, expect to pay more and be patient. That is the nature of markets. I make a market in waterfront property. Part of the price of acquiring great land and fine homes is taking the time to look, waiting for what you want, and acting promptly when you find it. To be successful you must be in the game. “People who catch fish have their line in the water.” Collecting reams of text and files of photos is not your objective. Worse, it gives others time to tie up that special piece that “lucky” people, the ones that take action, own and enjoy.

The crème de la crème of anything is hard to find, and others are looking too. Real Estate trades at a fair market price, or usually it does not trade. That too is the nature of markets. If you want the very best, tell me what makes you an exceptional buyer. And when I call with what you want, be prepared to come soon to see it in person and, if it fits, to make an offer to own it.

Thanks for reading this. Enjoy the beauty of northern Michigan and help us preserve it!