Real Estate Philosophy

When’s the best time to buy northern Michigan waterfront? Twenty years ago! That’s an old joke, but if it's true that if you bought northern Michigan waterfront twenty years ago there's a big number from that good decision in your net worth now. If you didn’t, are you just too late? No, you're not. I occasionally find myself thinking, “All the best waterfront is gone.” But of course, that's totally wrong. It's a fact that it’s all still there! What may have changed is the price and the use. So what’s the next best time to buy? As soon as you can! There’s a fixed supply of the best waterfront and ever-expanding demand. You know what that does to price, and the certainty is that will continue.

Dick Huey Real Estate can help. Dick specializes in the finest waterfront homes and the highest quality waterfront parcels in Northwest Michigan. For a buyer, shopping for real estate is a learning process and the first thing to learn is what your options are. Nothing is good or bad except by comparison. After a day looking at homes or land (and riding in the car, as the best properties tend to be spread out a bit), you will have many options and a new understanding.

Fine properties are presented on this website but if you don’t see just what you want, especially if it is unusual, ask Dick. It may not be listed or currently on the market, but he knows where and how a buyer can find and own the best property.

Dick’s CCIM training recognizes the value of working closely with a client’s entire team of professional advisors. As specialists in premier properties, we are trained and properly qualified to work with attorneys, accountants, developers, bankers, appraisers, architects, and many others. Talented people live here, and they are important resources for helping you buy real estate.

This continues to be an excellent time to buy and northern Michigan is a great place to own the finest property. The nicest thing about owning that kind of real estate is that it appreciates. There is always someone who wants the best, and they can afford it in good times or bad. And when your needs change and it's time to move on, we’ll help you do it.